Born in Calcutta, Shonai has now completed 20 years as a contemporary jazz pianist, composer and an educator.

Having studied jazz with stalwarts of the genre in Calcutta, Shonai is also a graded artist on All India Radio, his recitals being a regular feature on the station for several years now.

Shonai has performed widely in prestigious venues and jazz festivals across Europe and Southeast Asia and the Indian Subcontinent. Currently Shonai has shifted his base to Delhi and frequently collaborates with a vast array of travelling artists as part of his jazz collective.


As a leader, Shonai takes an active part in his own project called The Shonai Collective which has two different setups. For further information see My Projects.


Due to his polyvalent playing, he is sought after in the jazz scene for acts like solo, duo, trio, big band and to the world of other improvised music, like blues, Avant-Garde, Baul ( folk ) jazz fusion, and experimental jazz-rock fusion etc. Apart from The Shonai Collective he is an active member of The Bodhisattwa Trio.